Lack Of Interaction In Real Life

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In the technologically advanced times of today’s modern world, it has become a very evident practice for people to use social media for the purpose of interacting with one another. The idea of getting in touch with the people around you just with a touch of a button seems like the easiest way to be connected. The social media website like Facebook and Twitter have become the booming virtual platforms for interaction. These websites allow the user to network with ease and become a part of the worldwide social community. The existence of this effortless interaction and connectivity, the people have begun to wander away into the virtual world. It has initiated the lack of interaction in real life. The ease of finding someone with overlapping interests and interacting with them is no big deal in such virtual communities whereas doing the same task in real time is comparatively highly difficult. The social media websites have become a platform for the people to share their interests and experiences with each other. (Facebook users worldwide 2016) Meeting someone in real life requires some real effort. It urges one to take out the time and be physically present at a place and dedicate that time exclusively to the meeting. Virtuality has made this difficult and time-taking task much easier. Now anyone can virtually meet or interact any person, anytime and at any palace. The social media has made its users more prone to avoiding the real life interactions. It has made them

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