Lack Of Knowledge In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein '

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The search of knowledge can help take away the doubt, but it can affect the ones around you. Victor doubts and knowledge cause the death of his wife, best friend, and his brother. Victor should have known that bringing something back to life would had consequences. His relentless search of knowledge did brought him suffering because he involved his family and didn't thought about the consequences.
Victor’s passion about learning new things brought him to the creation of an ugly monster. He never gave up on what he wanted to know about. He spend hours doing research to bring life from death. He didn't not even think about any consequences about bringing something that is left back to life. He even spends time away from his family in order to accomplish the goal that he had for himself. All of this causes him to suffer because of the negative consequences that it brought him. Victor even said “Learn from me, if not by my precepts, at least by my example, how dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge”. He admits that he suffered from his relentless search of knowledge.
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He is saying that he left everything for his relentless search of knowledge and forgetting about his physical. I think that his suffering is do to the doubts that he had about life. When Victor gave life to the monster, he couldn’t believe the appearance of the monster that he just run away. This was another problem that caused his suffering because of his absences on taking care of the creature. Because of his lack of human appearance, society making something bad awake inside him rejects the monster. He started to take revenge of his creator by killing the people of the town and the ones that he loved. All of this would have been different if victor would have pay attention to the monster. To have a successful invention one must have responsibility and take care of
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