Lack Of Self-Reliance Among The Victims Of The Pips Analysis

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Lack of Self-Reliance Among the Victims of the Pips. In some individuals journey through life, self-reliance, is an important segment that helps form a foundation amongst them. Most struggle with the lack of self-reliance. In the late 1800’s many were faced with hardships, many lacked the importance of self-reliance because life was not actually simple. The well known author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, gives a well written short story, The Five Orange Pips, to examine the lack of self-reliance among the characters Elias, Joseph, and John Openshaw, along with the misconceptions of Sherlock Holmes. Arthur Doyle wrote 56 short stories that shunned most during his time. The Five Orange Pips was published around 1891, one of the most mysterious stories…show more content…
As John describes the series of events to Holmes, Holmes becomes astonished and amazed by the chaotic incidents. As he sits in silence, eyes reaching to find somewhat of reasoning by staring into the blaze of the dancing flames, “Holmes makes some preliminary observations and speculates upon a possible solution to the puzzle…”(Magill766). Holmes supplied John with the best advice and explanation of the burden John was left with. He gave John no time to speak and told him he needed to take action and write back to the address and state that his uncle, Elias, had burnt documents. With that being said, John did as he was told because he did not have self-reliance. A commentator stated “Holmes was certainly not difficult…”(Morley), when it came to expressing his believes or logical reasonings. A few days later after John did as he was directed by Holmes. He mysterious met his after-life with no logical explanation of who murdered him. John relied on Sherlock Holmes to brighten his future and end this senseless trend of deaths among the Openshaw’s. Having his life in the palms of Holmes’s hands, only showed he had lost all self-reliance in himself and destined himself into

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