Lack Of Sleep By Frank Bruni Analysis

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In this article, Frank Bruni discusses the sleep of today’s teenagers and the many reasons that cause the lack of it. Frank Bruni uses bias examples to try to get the point across that high school students are being negatively affected by the lack of sleep. Bruni believes that stress among teenagers and smartphones are the main reasons behind the lack of sleep. The author fails to mention the real reasons behind why high schoolers are not getting enough sleep. Frank Bruni wrote this article so he could give his response to the topic but also to question the reasons behind the lack of sleep of teenagers. The author of the article does not fully understand the reasons why high school students do not get enough sleep, which makes the article…show more content…
Bruni writes this article from his perspective, but he uses many sources to back up his thoughts. The author of this article is biased towards an adult 's point of view. My personal bias is towards a student’s point of view. I agree high schoolers need more sleep, but I do not believe it is our fault or our cellular device’s fault as to why we are not getting enough sleep. For instance, I have homework every night in at least two classes, I usually do not go to bed until eleven-thirty at night and wake up at six in the morning. On average, I do not get more than seven hours of sleep at night. My personal bias does hinder me from being a critical reader because I am a high schooler so I am not going to agree that my cellular device is a cause of sleep deprivation, but instead, I am going to blame it on the stress from school. In contrast, adults would put the blame on our cellular devices and friends. I believe this article is strongly opinionated, so it is hard to be a critical reader for a reader of any age. In conclusion, even though I have a student’s bias, I do not entirely agree with the author of this article because of the assumptions he makes about the reader’s knowledge. The author of this article cannot reach a full understanding of the reasons as to why high school students are not getting enough sleep because the article is very bias. Throughout the article, Bruni does use educational sources and quotes to help back up the points he tries to make. There is no way to get high school students to get enough sleep at night anymore, it is the way things work with being in high
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