Lack Of Women In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein- Lack of women
Marry Shelly’s Frankenstein- Modern Prometheus was published first in the year 1818. She was the daughter of the great feminist writer Mary Wollstonecraft who wrote ‘Vindication for the rights of women’ where she said that women should be equal to men. But, Mary Shelly being the daughter of such a great feminist writer had a totally different stand. In her work, she hardly gave any important role for the ‘women’ to play. If we see Victor Frankenstein’s connections in the novel we come across his father, his brother, his friend, his friend’s (Walton’s) crew and we tend to see them in the front row where as women in this novel are seen blurred out. Also, everything concerning female characters is narrated actively by the male characters. The role of women is very little or you can say that it was almost negligible. The women characters in her novel- Frankenstein were introduced only to accelerate the plot of the novel. To cite an example, in the very beginning of her work we have an ‘epistolary’ form of writing where in a brother (R.Walton) is writing letters about his explorations and travel to his sister (Mrs. Saville). All the four letters are written by R. Walton to his sister but not even once has Mary Shelly given voice to Mrs. Saville. Mrs. Saville thus acts like a passive reader of his letters.
The era in which Mary Shelly breathed was a period which did not give women a center stage. Women, at that time were very meek, polite,
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