Bad Relationship With Parents

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The family is the first one to influence the life and values of a child, especially the parents. If a child and the parents have a bad relationship, the child can experience depression as a teenager. Teenagers are old enough to understand many adult subjects, yet they are still young enough to accept parent's warmth and guidance. Many teenagers feel the lack parental support. Lack of parental support may be a byproduct of an insecure parent-child attachment. According to Ainsworth, Blehar, Waters, & Wall in their book Patterns of attachment: “A psychological study of the strange situation, attachment is the intimate emotional bond between a child and caregiver” (as cited in Hudson, 2014). An insecure attachment is one in which the child doesn’t…show more content…
Parents should let their child be for themselves. Another way how having bad relationship of a teenager with his or her parents can influence depression is when the parents expect too much from their teenage child but he or she fails to satisfy his or her parents’ expectations. Teenagers with Parents who have higher expectations of their teenage child, and who feel a desire to maintain complete control, are doomed to failure. Parents always want what’s best for their child. They want their child to do what’s best as much as possible to the point that the child feel so much pressure just to reach his or her parents’ expectations. This makes the child to have a fear of failure. But sometimes, the child does his or her best but is still not able to satisfy his parents’ expectations. This scenario is common among teenagers, specifically those who are students. An example of this is when it comes to studying – some parents want their child to be the best in class but the child fail to be so. Failing to satisfy his or her parents’ expectations can cause the teenager an emotional disturbance – he or she will feel very bad for himself or herself, will have low self-esteem and low self-confidence, will feel very sad, and will be more afraid of failing just to prove himself next time. Having these feelings can make a teenager vulnerable to depression Nobody is perfect. Sometimes, children and teenagers can’t really do what parents expect them to. Parents should to adapt new attitudes toward their child, by giving up the idea of maintaining total control, and by not putting too much pressure on to the child. Parents should let their child to be what he is, and accept his capacities. Regardless of age, all children experience the stresses and hardships of life and are more likely not to do their best
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