Lacrosse Game-Personal Narrative

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The lacrosse game
Last Saturday I went to my first ever lacrosse game in Ithaca, New York. The game was played between the college teams Albany Great Danes and Cornell Big Red. I had been invited by friends, and of course I wanted to go. I knew nothing about lacrosse before the game but now I’d almost consider myself a professional. But now I’m going to narrate how it went. We took our seats and saw the players come out. There were ten players on the field, of which three are attackers, three midfielders, three defenders and one goalie. All the players had a lacrosse stick. I had never seen a lacrosse stick before but they look like long sticks strung with loose mesh on the top to catch and hold the lacrosse ball. The game started with
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The Big Red’s caught the ball again! The Great Danes chased after them and tried really hard to get the ball but they didn’t manage to. The audience kept on cheering. It all went so fast, but suddenly the Bid Red’s had scored another goal! The crowd clapped and waved with their Big Red banners. It started off with another face-off. The Bid Red’s got the ball again and tried immediately to make a goal. You could really feel the tension in the crowd. They threw the ball towards the goal and they were so close to scoring again, but the goalie saved it. The Great Danes now had the ball. One of the players passed the ball to another player but was pushed and the ball flew in the wrong direction. Oh no! The ball was now in the Big Red’s hands again. The crowd screamed and some booed. One of the Great Danes had tackled a Big Red. But the Big Red didn’t fall. The Great Dane started hitting his opponent with his stick. Are you allowed to do that? I asked my friend. She didn’t hear me but apparently you were because no one said anything. The Big Red’s tried to make a goal but one of the Great Danes caught it and ran for the other side. They ran and passed the ball between each other and… They made a goal! Albany’s first
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