Lacrosse Helmet Research Paper

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Have your parents ever made you buy something you wanted with your own money? I know my parents have. I remembered last year I really wanted to get a new Lacrosse helmet. My dad said if I wanted to get the helmet, I would need to buy it with my own money. So my dad and I made a deal. He said if I walk my dog early in the morning I would get an allowance and I would eventually be able to buy the helmet. I had to wake 20 minutes earlier than I was used to, which was tough, but I knew I would be better for the experience because it would teach me the value of hard work and getting used to not having everything handed to me. I also appreciated the helmet more because I worked hard and earned it myself. What does it mean to work hard? Working hard is giving everything you’ve got and not giving up. I…show more content…
That one kid who seems like they get whatever they want whenever they want it. We are, of course, talking about the spoiled kid the kid who never seems like he ever comes out of their comfort zone in order to succeed in fact it seems like they rarely succeed. This child will not make it far in life. When something doesn’t go their way later in life, it’ll be a total shock and they will not know what to do. If you don’t work hard you can not make it far in life. Sure, you can take the easy road and get nowhere or you can take the hard road and go far. There is nothing wrong with failing, as long as you know you gave it your best try and worked hard. Learning to work hard and not expect everything you want is a very important life lesson, learning how to work hard and earning what you want can help you a lot later in life and will teach you to not expect everything you want whenever you want one quote that really relates to this situation is the saying, “Nothing worth having comes easy” I strongly agree with this saying especially in the sense that if you really want something you will need to work hard and persevere in order to earn what you
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