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When lacrosse was born Lacrosse is the oldest known sport in North America. It was played in Indian tribes and only the most fierce players played the game. The game was made to settle arguments or for land. The fields and goals where miles apart and the Indians focused more on disabling as many players as the could before scoring a goal. History History American Indian peoples in North American played as the early form of lacrosse long before the European. The game was much more violent than it is today; in fact, the Cherokee tribe called their of the game 'little brother of war '. Some tribal contest took days to complete, staring thousands of players and goals located miles apart. The purpose of the game, called Baggataway/lacrosse, was to disable as many opponents as possible with one 's stick before focusing on the scoring a goal. In some areas men and woman played together, and in other areas woman had there own version of the game. Lacrosse sticks Lacrosse sticks…show more content…
These sticks that were used by the Native Americans usually had only one or two shooting strings and were made out of wood. The pocket was normally made from" cat gut" or leather that was strung through holes created on the side of the wood to make a web that Indians used to catch the ball with. These sticks were incredibly heavy and could kill people as they did in Native American games, for players wore no pads that protected them from the fierce blows that were delivered by other

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