Lacy's Off Task Behavior?

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Page 1 Introduction Lacy is a 7-year-old girl with an intellectual disability in first grade. According to her teacher Mr. L, Lacy often engages in off task behaviour throughout the school day. Lacy is not able to complete assignments for school because she avoids her teacher when the directions are being given to the class. She is interested in coloring, drawing, working on the computer, and listening to stories. When Mr. L asked Lacy that why she colors and draws instead of working on class work, she responded that she does not like to do the other class work because she find it hard for her. Lacy enjoys the time when stories are being read out loud to the class. She listens to the stories and often comment on them. Her off task behaviour does not occur this time. Lacy also explained that her classmates do not like her and she does not want to engage in class activities. Lacy’s off task behaviour usually occurs when her teacher Mr. L is explaining the independent class work and when her classmates are working independently on the assigned work.…show more content…
It is clear from the case study that Lacy does not pay attention to the directions being given to the class by her teacher. It was also noticeable that she often colors and draws when her classmates are working on the assigned tasks independently. The target behaviour that needs to changed is Lacy’s off task behaviour. The behaviour can be changed by some ecological changes, her social environment, and by using some positive reinforcement
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