Lady And The Tramp Film Analysis

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It’s a challenge for me to think of any movie that doesn’t have at least one kiss between two characters. Even Lady and the Tramp, a children’s movie, has that iconic moment when the two dogs lock lips after sharing a plate of spaghetti. Sure, it wasn’t full-on making out - and it may border on beastiality - but it was a kiss nonetheless. At this point, a good kissing scene is a Hollywood institution; we see one (or an attempt at one) in practically every movie ever made, just as we do an exploding building or Nicolas Cage. If filmmaking is an art, a movie kiss is the art within the art. In fact, kissing in general should be looked upon as an art form in itself. For many of us, it takes years to master, and even after we have shared hundreds of kisses with dozens of people, we remain insecure about our ability to make out. Given that movie stars tend to…show more content…
Carter even likened Allen’s lack of passion during their make out sessions to kissing the Berlin Wall. Rupert Grint - You’ve got to feel bad for Rupert Grint. Over the years, his Harry Potter co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson transformed into certified screen legends with astounding good looks, while he remained little more than the chubby red-headed kid audiences had been introduced to back in 2001. To make matters worse for poor old Rupert, his kissing game is apparently somewhat lacking, at least if you believe what Emma Watson has to say. According to Watson, who, of course, played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series, Grint is simply too reserved and too awkward to be a quality kisser. Speaking about her various on-screen romances, Watson declared her kiss with Grint to be “the weirdest” before adding insult to injury by proclaiming “Dan wasn’t so
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