Lady Capulet In Romeo And Juliet

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With the privilege of wealth comes the privilege of less responsibility; the more money you have, the more things you can pay people to do for you. Life inside the walled city of Verona and being one of the most highly respected and wealthy families there means there is a high standard that must be kept. Lady Capulet took the opportunity to set aside her motherly duties and higher a wet nurse to breastfeed her baby. Being the wife of a wealthy man, she can do this and therefore preserve her body from disfiguration. However, with this bonding experience and time taken away from her with Juliet, the Nurse becomes Juliet's motherly figure. Throughout the play, the Nurse is there for Juliet to assist her in common mother and daughter affairs such…show more content…
Once she expresses to her parents that she does not want to marry Paris so quickly, they call her names such as a whore, ungrateful, a curse, and fat. However, after she concedes and admits she was set straight and ready for marriage, they acted as if nothing wrong ever happened. This unstable aurora that exists within the family is enforced by Lady Capulet. In the beginning, it is Lady Capulet who ruins the father's plan of getting Juliet to fall in love with Paris. Also, she inflicts the beating of Juliet when she brings Lord Capulet into the room so Juliet can explain why she does not want to marry Paris. While her daughter is being slapped she simply observes and does not even slightly intervene to protect her only child who is begging on her knees. The Nurse, however, demonstrates her true love for Juliet as she steps in and confronts Capulet. The Nurse says, “God in heaven bless her” while pleading, “You are to blame, my lord, to rate her so” (3.5 176, 177). Such a statement to the person that has allowed her to stay long after Juliet finished breastfeeding is one that could cost her the loss of a second child. The Nurse continuously claims that Juliet is like her daughter, and defying Lord Capulet could lead her too far worse consequences than what Juliet gets for defying him. The fact that the Nurse is the one to call out Capulet for his misbehavior clearly shows
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