Lady Capulet In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo And Juliet Paper A Mother always loves her child. But not in the play “Romeo and Juliet”. Lady Capulet secretly does not love her daughter Juliet. Sure Juliet was born Lady Capulet but Lady Capulet does not want to spend time with her. That’s why she hired the nurse, so then the nurse can take care of her and Lady Capulet does not have to deal with Juliet complaining. Lady Capulet just wants Juliet to get married and leave the house with a groom that will stay with Juliet and not drive the groom away by complaing and crying. Lady Capulet does not want to spend time with Juliet. Lady Capulet has been feed up with Juliet complaining about how she has to marry Paris . Lady Capulet wants her to marry him because one he is nice and he…show more content…
“Lady Montagu- we follow thee. Juliet, the count stays.” “Nurse- go, girl, seek happy nights too happy days.” (Act one, Scene three, Line 105). Before Lady Montagu and the nurse speak a servant comes in and talks to them and Juliet and says that the supper is ready and people are waiting. This is when Lady Capulet follows Juliet and tells her lets go find that groom. Lady Capulet says this because she wants her out of the house and into the arms of Paris so she doesn’t have to see or worry about Juliet anymore Lady Capulet does not want to speak to Juliet but has to tell her that she is getting married next morn. So listening in her room, Lady Capulet can hear Juliet cry so Lady Capulet has to talk to her in an angry and grief mood saying “ Ho, Daughter, are you up?” and after Juliet cries out I’m not well madam Lady Capulet says angrily “ Why, how now Juliet?” ( Act three, Scene five, Lines 60/65) Lady Capulet does not love her daughter what so ever. Juliet is always complaining or crying and Lady Capulet is feed up with all her crying. In conclusion Lady Capulet does not love her daughter, Juliet. Lady Capulet is done with all of Juliet’s crying. In the end of the book, Romeo and Juliet end up killing themselves. Lady Capulet was more happy then sad once she saw her daughter dead. She finally didn’t have to listen to Juliet cry every night. The tears from Lady Capulet’s face was not because of sadness but for relief
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