Lady Capulet To Blame For Romeo And Juliet's Death

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Romeo and Juliet died at the end of Act 5 of the play. The death of the two lovers had several reasons and people that lead up to this moment. The people that were the most responsible for the the deaths are three members of Capulet family. With the father, mother, and nurse to Juliet all having an influence by being unsupportive, uncaring, and uptight, they are to blame for Romeo and Juliet's deaths. The father of Juliet was one of the main people at fault in the play. For example, when Juliet did not want to marry Paris, the boy that her father wanted her to marry, he threathen to disown her. "Hang Thee, young baggage! Disobedient wretch! I tell thee to a church Thursday or never after look me in the face again" (III. V. 180-183). He was also too over protective of her and didn't ask what she wanted for anything, because in those times that was the custom. If Capulet did not try and force the marriage, then Juliet would not of taken the potion and that means Romeo would not of died. And if Romeo didn't die neither would Juliet. …show more content…

She is at fault because she doesn't take into account for what is best for Juliet. Instead she does things so she can be higher in the social hierarchy. With the marriage of Paris and Juliet, this would of been very beneficial to the family's wealth and popularity. This was wrong of her mother and she cannot even see she what is wrong with herself. Had she taken Juliet's feelings into account, then their relationship would be a lot better that it was in the play thus ending most problems rooted with

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