Lady Gaga Implicit Personality Theory

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This theory involves the correlations between personality traits such as widespread expectations of impression positively correlated with generosity, so that a person who is cold is viewed to be serious. It is often stated that implicit personality theories also include correlations between psychological and dimensions of impressions. There are parts of the impression formation process that are framework dependent, some individuals also tend to exhibit certain trends in forming impressions variety of situations. There is not one single implicit personality theory used, but varied approaches the task of impression formation in an own unique way. Moreover, there are some components of implicit personality theories that are consistent across…show more content…
Celebrities use impression manage in order to create and maintain a particular image to the public. Implementing Goffman’s concept to singer song writer Lady Gaga with unconventional and provocative practices reveals a deeper purpose with her involvement in celebrity status. Goffman’s theory states that celebrities’ constantly explore different images simply by putting on a front in order to enhance images within popular culture to be accepted by society. By enhancing their image within the public would more than likely accompany a larger fan base and, therefore, which increases their fortune (Ferrante, 2008).Due to her promotion and influence of youth empowerment and self- identity Lady Gaga draws critical acclaim subsequently boosting her public image. The social implications are overwhelming in the sense that a person would pretend to be something they are not in order to gain mass social acceptance. Even when celebrities follow the practice of a particular pattern of constantly re-inventing themselves through controversy it promotes public interest and sparks curiosity it often makes front-page news in the media. This is, in a sense, publicity for the celebrity. As it promotes their name and their brand which helps them become more and more recognized. Sociologist Goffman would…show more content…
Finally, how have you used impression management to enhance your own personal or professional image? Be specific. Did changing one aspect of your image affect other aspects of your image? First, I must realize that if I’m managing my own professional image, someone else is. People are constantly observing behavior and forming theories about your competence, character, and commitment, which are rapidly disseminated throughout the workplace. It is only wise to add my voice in outlining others ' theories about who I am and what I can accomplish. I have used impression management to enhance my own professional image the accuracy of my self-awareness could drive successful decision-making when it comes to my personal and professional life. By becoming more self-aware and maintaining a level of self-awareness, even when everything around us is changing. In order to create a positive professional image, impression management must effectively accomplish two tasks, establishing credibility and maintain authenticity. When presenting yourself in a manner that is both true to self and valued and believed by others, impression management can yield a host of favorable outcomes, for a team, and an organization. On the other hand, when I present myself in an inauthentic manner, I’m likely to undermine health, relationships, and

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