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The Emmys bring stars together to celebrate their achievements in television but, aside from their golden awards, the public takes note of the night’s fashion. The day following the Emmy’s is usually spent critiquing the actor’s looks rather than their awards. Social media stuck to talking about Viola Davis’ win and what everyone was wearing. This is because the red carpet is home to the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to fashion. Lady Gaga wore one of the best looks of the night. For the past year, her style has been very tame and she definitely showed this at the Emmy’s. Gaga wore a black, floor length, Brandon Maxwell gown. This classic style and seamless fit worked well for her and she was one of the nights most talked about celebrities. Her dress was very appropriate and showed a new aspect of her style to the public. However, some of the celebrities weren’t dressed as well as Gaga. We can see this in the photos of Amy Schumer. Schumer was wearing Zac Posen and as pretty as she looked, her dress was just bad. The style of the dress seemed looked very off the rack. It also did not fit her well. The bust line of the dress was too low which made her look squished and the fabric showed smile lines. These creases can be seen in certain fabrics after just minutes of sitting. The dress itself was very beautiful but it should have…show more content…
Her springy Versace gown was a controversy. The color, fit and all around build of the dress was ugly. The rule that blondes can’t wear yellow is an outdate rule and can easily be overlooked, but unfortunately, not in this case. The canary yellow against her tan skin made her look sick. The unbalanced and skimpy design of the dress was inappropriate for the occasion. If this dress was a jewel toned color and the right side of the dress matched the left side, I think this dress would have been very beautiful and resembled one of the very popular For Love & Lemons lingerie

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