Lady Gaga Swot Analysis

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Situation: Lady Gaga and her management team are faced with the task or deciding how they will handle Kanye West dropping out of their “Fame Kills” tour. Kanye West is one of the biggest names in music and had agreed to tour with Lady Gaga, which could have been a great growth opportunity for Gaga’s music career.

Strengths: When looking at the situation that Lady Gaga faces, she has much strength moving forward that will help to place her in a positive position. The first strength she possesses falls in line with her presence on social media. Lady Gaga is one of the view artists that is completely in control of her own social media. She does a fantastic job at connecting to her audience with her tweets and Facebook posts. Even though
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She was presented with an amazing opportunity to tour with one of the biggest names in music and it was erased in the blink of an eye. Gaga faced another dilemma earlier in her career as she was signed by Def Jam records but released soon after her new deal. Gage now has to handle losing out on another huge opportunity and find away to keep her musical career trending upwards. Another weakness that Gaga faces is she has to make sure that her tour is profitable and she struggled to make money due to the fact that her stage and other performance costs were so high. A tour with Kanye could have been a golden opportunity for her to increase profit. Kanye also had agreed to cover production costs, which would not be the case in any other tour going forward. There is a large amount of unknown with Lady Gaga moving forward with Kanye dropping out of the tour plans. Continuing the tour without Kanye would be difficult as well, due to the fact that Gaga has only performed at smaller venues and nothing compared to the size of the venues that the “Fame Kills” tour has scheduled. Filling these venues without Kanye would be very
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