Dignity In Grey's Virtue Of Honor

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Although Grey’s adherence to religion displays her humble nature, her virtue was truly tested when she came across and then initially rejected the opportunity to become the most powerful figure in England as Queen. After Edward’s death, Grey’s succession to the throne was revealed to her Northumberland. Upon hearing the news, Grey is accounted to have fainted and wept, claiming,“The crown is not my right and pleases me not. The Lady Mary is the rightful heir.” This response to her enthronement showcases her humble nature; knowing that it was not her place to acquire such power, she denied her ascension to power. Northumberland said her unusual reaction was shameful to her dignity and her household. Her husband attempted to comfort and convince her to take the crown with “prayers and caresses.” Despite her family’s namesake and image at stake, Grey believed that her personal incapability should prevent her from seizing power. Rather than rashly seize power, she knew the correct hierarchy of the power and the consequences of her power and her reaction showcases her devastation. Her dignity did not derive from upholding the political ambitions of her family but rather a quiet personal dignity in knowing her limits and goals. In a letter to Queen Mary following Grey’s imprisonment in a tower following the queen’s coup, she recounts her displeasure in her her nine days of reign. Grey emphasizes her self-criticism from seizing the power , recounting an instance with…show more content…
“Her strong judgement at once dreaded the effects of an interview, that was likely to overwhelm them with unavailing sorrow, and thus to destroy that firmness which was so necessary to enable them to bear the trying scene with composure: she reminded him that their separation would be but for a moment, and that they would soon rejoin each other, where their affections would be united for ever, and where neight misfortunes, disappointments, nor death could reach them, but where their felicity would be
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