Lady Macbeth And Curley's Wife Analysis

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Women are projected throughout history as seductresses. Empires have been lost kingdoms have been destroyed because of women’s evil nature. Helen of Troy and Cleopatra both are examples of how women could destroy empires. Today my research addresses the question how Lady Macbeth and Curley’s wife are used as tools of narrative. The novel Macbeth was set in the 16th century and of Mice and Men was set in the 1930s almost three centuries apart. Even though both novels were set in different centuries, Lady Macbeth and Curley’s wife have the same inherent characteristics. Lady Macbeth has a very dominant and powerful role in shaping the events in the play. Her greed and avarice lead to Macbeth committing the crime. “Was the hope drunk wherein you dress’d yourself?” Shakespeare uses an interrogative quote to show Lady Macbeth’s ambition for power attention and greed because she wants to kill the king so she can be queen. Shakespeare here projects Lady Macbeth as a conniving lady who ridicules and challenges her husband’s manhood. The reader’s response would be that Macbeth should not have yielded to his wife’s manipulations. The writer uses dialect to express thought processes. Pragmatics is seen towards the text which lays emphasis on context and purposes. Lady Macbeth is different from the stereotypical women of the 16th century who are no more than ornamental wallpapers, often regaled to the background. She is different-she dominates and makes the crucial decisions. “Talk

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