Lady Macbeth Fiend Like Queen Analysis

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In Shakespeare 's Macbeth, Malcolm describes Lady Macbeth as a “fiend-like Queen” The definition of fiend is someone who has an evil spirit, a person who is a cruel, brutal or spiteful person and is extremely wicked. Shakespeare presents elements of wicked deception in Lady Macbeth’s character throughout the play through her choice of form and language which is used to mask the evil of the deed she is convincing him to do, an example of this is in Act 1 Scene 5 when she chooses to use the word ‘dispatch’ over ‘murder’ to desensitize the horror of the killing. This is an effective choice of language from Lady Macbeth as it tricks Macbeth into believing the death of King Duncan was inevitable as it had already been prophecised so therefore he wasn’t committing treason, murder or disrupting the natural order which was believed to have been decided by God at the time by society.…show more content…
And dashed the brains out.’ (Act 1. Scene 7. Line 59), She says this to show and prove her willingness to see Macbeth become king and how she will eliminate anyone who stands in her way. She hopes by saying this that he will become cold blooded and tough, hopefully encouraging him to take the same oath and erase any possible feeling of guilt. This presents an evil wickedness within her character which could be interpreted as being
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