Lady Macbeth Influence

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I believe Macbeth could not have became ruler without the influence of Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth’s personality and drive to become queen helped push Macbeth to new limits that even he did not believe were within his abilities, such as murdering Duncan to take the throne. Lady Macbeth helped encourage Macbeth to fulfill the witches prophecy. However, when Macbeth becomes king, he and his wife has no heirs to inherit the throne. The king must deal with the fact that his family 's power could be quickly over. Macbeth has trouble dealing with the fact that his family’s legacy would never become a powerful name in the country of Scotland. The king also has trouble with knowing he will not have his own kids to raise. Leading him to become a very selfish ruler. When Macbeth’s ascension to throne consisted of murder, I believe it could have instantly triggered the effect of Lady Macbeth not being able…show more content…
Macbeth knew that Banquo’s children would eventually inherit his throne. Having to cope with these feelings pushes Macbeth to create harsh feelings toward Banquo. When King Macbeth faced the children of Banquo, it hurt him inside. This feeling of hurt and harshness within the king brought him to realize that he will be childlessness for the rest of his life with no hope of having his own children. Banquo’s presence in my eyes hurt the king, causing him to commit actions that he would previously not attempt. Leading so far that Macbeth then takes the life of Banquo.
Macbeth’s life was altered when he and Lady Macbeth chose the bloody path to take the throne. Their emotions and feelings changed after that day. They began to hurt inside, feeling nothing or hopelessness. These emotions slowly killed who they used to be and shaped them into completely different people. As one reads through the story of Macbeth, they see these changes taking place within the
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