Lady Macbeth Is A Villain

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The quote “Lady Macbeth is a villain, always has been always will be” provides a complete and concrete interpretation of Lady Macbeth being pure evil and allows no interpretation of anything else. This representation of Lady Macbeth can be seen in Jack Golds (1983) Macbeth and Goolds (2010) Macbeth, as they present her as an evil, manipulative character. Even her scenes of remorse are depicted as her going mad from being evil. While it is undeniable that she performs evil acts, there are portrayals of her character, such as in Kurzel’s (2015) Macbeth, which include extenuating circumstances and lend other interpretations and perceptions of Lady Macbeth as a softer, more religious antagonist. The original Macbeth was written over 400 years ago by William Shakespeare. Macbeth and his friend, Banquo, are met by three weird witches bearing prophetic greetings. Macbeth is told that, among other titles, he will become a king. The rest of the play follows this once loyal…show more content…
She challenges and drives Macbeth to kill King Duncan. “Quote” Had Lady Macbeth not persuaded her weak husband to kill duncan, this whole quarrel would have been avoided . Although Lady Macbeth started it, she was not a pure villain. In Act 5, scene 1 she has nightmares while sleepwalking about Banquo and the blood on her hands. A real villain would not feel guilty after committing a crime. As the guilt gets too much for her, Lady Macbeth ends her life.

In the 1983 and 2010 adaptations of Macbeth, Lady Macbeth is expressed as a harsh manipulating character. Dark lighting and ominous settings are used to express this in all Lady Macbeth scenes. In Act 1 Scene 7 when Lady Macbeth is convincing Macbeth to murder Duncan she uses a hard tone and very angry language to exploit Macbeth. Lady Macbeth changes her tone to whispers exhibiting she knew what she was performing was pure
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