Lady Macbeth Killing Duncan Analysis

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The person that I feel is more responsible for killing Duncan is Lady Macbeth .Lady Macbeth read the letter she got from the witches. She thought about the whole plan to kill King Duncan because of the letter. Macbeth didn’t really want to kill Duncan. In Act I Scene 3 Macbeth said "If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me without my stir." He had his thoughts on if he should do it or not. He was very scared and Lady Macbeth kept pressuring him into it. In Act I Scene 7 Lady Macbeth said ¨ Was the hope drunk, Wherin you dressed yourself? Hath it slept since.¨ She was trying to persuade him by questioning his manhood. Macbeth had his doubts on killing King Duncan. He didn’t feel right doing it. Even though he thought about…show more content…
The only thing she did was came up with a plan to kill King Duncan. Macbeth is evil because he actually did it. He didn’t have to listen to Lady Macbeth be paranoid. Not only did he kill Duncan but he killed Banqo. Banqo is one of his good friends. He killed Banqo because he knew that Banqo knew about macbeth killing King Duncan. Banqo confronted him about it in Act 3 Scene 1 “As the Weird Sisters promised, and I fear Thou played’st foully for’t.” He’s saying Macbeth is king but for the wrong reasons. Macbeth was obsessed with the thought of being king and staying king for a long time but some people feel like he didn’t know how to be one. He was paranoid and seeing things all the time and Lady Macbeth would tell him he need to act normal. He went to the witches to see his future but they ended up giving him a spell to make him see things that aren’t there. He was so paranoid that when his wife died he didn’t show any emotions. He was just blank. Later on in the story the witches told Macbeth to watch out for Macduff. He ordered murders to kill Macduff and his family. He killed Macduff’s wife but not his son. Macduff wanted revenge so he and Malcom (King Duncan son) joined
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