Was Lady Macbeth Responsible For Killing Duncan

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When it came to Duncan’s murder, a lot of factors came into play. It began first with the Weird Sisters telling Macbeth of his future king status. The plot continued when Macbeth told his wife of this news. Duncan’s death was sealed when Lady Macbeth persuaded his husband into killing Duncan. The two main causes of Duncan’s death was Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. The couple both played their parts in this situation. So was Lady Macbeth more responsible for killing Duncan, or was Macbeth more responsible? In this scenario, Lady Macbeth was more responsible. Many would assume Macbeth was more responsible because he was the one who killed Duncan. Lady Macbeth, however, was the first to suggest that killing Duncan was the only way Macbeth could ascend to the throne. “The raven himself is hoarse /That croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan / Under my battlements.” (I.v.45-47) was the first time in which Lady Macbeth directly called the method of crowning Macbeth as killing Duncan. Prior to Macbeth’s meeting with his wife, he had no thoughts of murder. “Yet I do fear thy nature;” (I.v.16) was where Lady Macbeth confirmed that Macbeth lacked the viciousness to seize the crown. “If chance will have me king, why, chance may /crown me…show more content…
“We will proceed no further in this business.” (I.vii.34) showed that Macbeth was firm about his decision for the shortest of moments. He believed that Duncan was a great king and that their relationship was one made of trust. If Lady Macbeth never had another talk with him, Macbeth would had avoided killing the king. While Macbeth did fall prey to Lady Macbeth’s persuasion, she was still the one who continued to attack him. First she called him a coward. “And live a coward in thine own esteem..”(I.vii.47) and tried to shame his manhood by comparing him to her. In her case, she wouldn’t hesitate to bash a baby’s brain
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