Lady Macbeth Manipulation Analysis

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In Macbeth, Shakespeare displays how women manipulate men. Lady Macbeth’s ‘evil’ is an ideologically inscribed notion that is often linked to our literary tradition to strong female characters who seek power, who reject filial loyalty as prior to self-loyalty and who pursue desire in all its forms. (Thomas 82). In the story, after Duncan’s killing, Macbeth ended up feeling kind of bad. Lady Macbeth’s portrayal beings with the powerful elements of her ambitious and successful plotting of Duncan’s demise, effective, rhetorical manipulation of her husband to “be a man” and to take action. After the murder, Macbeth slowly loses his mind. “O, full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife!”(3.2) Macbeth is sleepwalking. He has claimed that…show more content…
Macbeth has apparitions of Duncan and Lady Macbeth witnesses nothing. Macbeth wanted to be king and would do anything to keep his power. They acted shocked when told about his death. Lady Macbeth pretends to faint. So she could draw attention away from Duncan’s death. They didn’t want anyone to think or know it was them. The main reason that Macbeth and his wife killed Duncan was that he wanted to be king. The three witches said he would be king, but not how he would do it. First he kind of felt bad but Lady Macbeth ended up calling him a coward because he didn’t really want to go through with it. But she manipulated him by calling him names. That’s how they ended up going through with the plan. She questions his manhood; “When you durst do it, then you were a man.” (1.7.49) Catherine ended up not eating for three days because she was dying and Edgar didn’t seem to care. So obviously it bothered her a lot. She did it to get him to feel sorry for her. Then Catherine said to Edgar, “I don’t want you Edgar; I’m past wanting you”. Sadly around the time she was on her deathbed, she finally wanted to tell Heathcliff that she loved him. She said, “I won’t rest until you [Heathcliff] are with me.” (Bronte chap
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