Lady Macbeth Monologue Analysis

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Gentlewoman @ispendtoomuchtimewithLadymacbeth
@number1doctor, I’ve been seeing Lady Macbeth doing some strange things. What should I do? #Act5Scene1 #she’sgoingcrazy #IDKwhat’sgoingon

Gentlewoman @ispendtoomuchtimewithLadymacbeth
Should I tell someone about Lady Macbeth? I’m scared she’ll kill me. She’s crazy, even the doctor can’t help her. #Act5Scene1 #don’tmesswithladymacbeth #I’mprobablygoingtodie

Macbeth @urnewking
What is happening to me? What has my life come to? I’m confused, worried, and anxious. Is it too late to give up? #Act5Scene3 #Ihatemylife #I’msolost #someonehelpme

Malcolm @notgoing2beking
We’re all going to hide behind a branch so people won 't be able to count the number of soldiers. We’re going to kick Macbeth’s butt!

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