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Aide Pompa ERWC Pd.4 Mr.Lombardi 2016 April 11 Lady Macbeth Lady MacBeth shows that female can be just as ambitious to manipulate her way into MacBeth’s head in a way to achieve power and a guilty conscience. In the opening of the play Lady MacBeth persuades MacBeth to kill King Duncan with her own self ambition. In Act 1 LAdy MacBeth reads the letter from the prophecy of the three witches. She wanted Macbeth to be crowned head so she can be queen and her conscience got the best of her. Lady MacBeth controlled MacBeth with manipulation into killing King Duncan. At first MacBeth hesitates to kill King Duncan however his wife had a plot on how to make the assassination fall back on someone else which was the guards. Lady MacBeth is driven by the outcome of killing …show more content…

Cassius from the play Julius Caesar show’s similar characteristic and actions as Lady MacBeth. For example Cassius manipulates Brutus to join the conspiracy about Julius Caesar having excessive power and the roman people idealize him to much. Joining the conspiracy wa not easy to join the conspiracy. Brutus was hesitated to join since Caesar had treated him like a son however Cassius insisted. Cassius was able to disguise his true intentions to prevent the suspicion on himself. In conclusion Lady MacBeth and Cassius show similarities between the role they play. Lady MacBeth trying to persuade MacBeth into killing King Duncan for the benefit of the both of them. Cassius being the leader of the group of conspirators and persuading Brutus to join even if he was one of Caesar 's good friends. In the end MacBeth loses her sanity and her mental condition worsen. Cassius fled to Rome hoping that Marc Anthony would overthrown since he would not want to be under Antoninus. At the end Lady MacBeth and Cassius didn’t get was initially planned and were responsible for the murders of a

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