Lady Macbeth Reflection

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Lady Macbeth is happily enjoying herself in the sunny days of Scotland. She has a son of 1 years old. She loves him very much and spent all her time with him. She adore the peaceful life of her castle, even if her husband is not home and is engage in war. She has no ambition and no desire to be near the royal family. She believes it’s her duty to look after her husband and shared the vision, sincerely to Macbeth cousins, the King. Lady Macbeth knows that her husband has confidence in her and together they are leading a peaceful life. Allister, Lady Macbeth’s cousins, came to visit her. He is from the north of Scotland and is engaging a conversation with Lady Macbeth. He is telling her, how Macbeth is courageous and brave. He is a cousin of the king and it’s him who fight the enemies; He leads the fight for Scotland while the king wait behind the line for him to come back. The success of Macbeth is credited to the king inspire of the heroic performance of Macbeth in the battlefield. Allister tells Lady Macbeth about the incompetency of King Duncan. Scotland is not being insulted because of Macbeth. It’s Macbeth who should have be the king, because of his courage and all his victorious battle in Scotland. Without him Scotland would have been invaded by foreign country. It was the first time that Lady Macbeth heard about the courage of her husband. She had never thought about the importance of her husband on the battlefield and for Scotland. Nevertheless Lady Macbeth was not

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