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Early on in the play Lady Macbeth was characterized as a ruthless person, but later on in the play the audience softens up on her because she reveals her weak side. Lady Macbeth was a ruthless person, and no one expected it because even today in society women are not associated with evil characteristics, she demonstrates this when she continuously insults her husband. For example, when Macbeth changes his mind about killing Duncan, Lady Macbeth scolds him, and insults his masculinity and persuades him by saying that he owes it to her to kill Duncan. She uses this tactic of persuasion, by targeting Macbeths insecurities; this is very ruthless because Lady Macbeth shows becoming royalty over her husband’s dignity. With this in mind, usually relationships …show more content…

This shows Lady Macbeth going through lengths just to become royalty and this shows she is ruthless because she is only thinking about herself. Besides, the idea of dashing out the brains of a child deliberately shows Lady Macbeth is willing to killing her own blood, which is cold because usually mothers have a stronger and more intimate bond with their babies. Therefore, Lady Macbeth is shown as a ruthless person, who is very controlling, however there is a shift in her character at the end of the play, she becomes weaker. In the beginning of the play Lady Macbeth manipulated Macbeth into doing things he didn’t want to do, by targeting is insecurities (his masculinity). But, now her persuasion no longer works on Macbeth, for example at banquet Macbeth was acting crazy and Lady Macbeth challenging his manhood by asking him if he were a man. Macbeth responds by saying “Ay, and a bold one, that dare look on that/ Which might appall the devil.” As the audience see’s Lady Macbeths persuasion did not affect him at all, which shows that Macbeths character is growing strength and Lady Macbeths is getting

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