Argumentative Essay On Lady Macbeth

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The Mackers family. An extremely genderless couple. Both of them are greatly unsteriotypical and both seem to not care which sex they even are! Lady Macbeth has no steriotypes whatsoever, helped by her gender and HATES being a women. Mackers is similiar, except his gender hurts him more than helps. Lady Macbeth is VERY not steriotypical. She is pretty much the exact oppoisite of what we would believe women would be. Mostly, women are believed to be kinder, gentler, less evil than men. But Lady Macbeth, she is polar opposite of what women are usually supposed to be. She is evil, lethal, and ruthless. But she holds one steriotype. Women are believed to be WAAAAY more manipulative than men are, which Lady Macbeth is, without a doubt, incredibly…show more content…
No women would to this. And she uses this info against Macbeth, trying to show him that if she would to worse, and she’s a women, Macbeth would be manipulated to to it. So she is definitly not the steriotypical women. Yet Macbeth shows a few more steriotypes than Lady Macbeth. He is easily swayed by women, imprisioned to do her will, like men usually are. He’s also burly, kills with no guilt, and deadly, like most men are percieved to be and do. Also, he has no fear of authority. Since he killed King Duncan, he has zero fear of the higher person. “I have done the deed. Didst thou not hear a noise?” (2.2.14,). This shows that he killed the King with no fear. But it does prove one missing steriotype from the otherwise manly Macbeth. It shows he was in shock and scared of his “deed”. He is horrifed, later on, by the fact he kiled Duncan, unlike the steriotypical men would be. “Methought I heard a voice cry "Sleep…show more content…
She ututilizes it to greatly enhance her manipulation factor. She is viewed as the sweet, soft dainty little flower that most women are steriotypically seen as. And she uses that, like when she was talking to good ol’ King Duncan, who she was planning to kill, all kind and nice like. Still being viewed as a women, so he doesnt suspect that butterflies would invade the castle, and then he can be killed so much easier. “All our service/ In every point twice done and then done double/ Were poor and single business to contend/Against those honours deep and broad wherewith/Your majesty loads our house: for those of old,”(1.6.15-18). This quote is expressing the fact that she is greatly helped by her gender, since she can be viewed super amieable and abnegation without it seeming

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