Lady Macbeth To Kill Duncan Analysis

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Women are manipulative to men, women try to get what they want, They are evil.
In act one scene 7, macbeth is told to kill duncan by lady macbeth but macbeth says he will not and cannot do it. Lady macbeth calls macbeth a “ coward ”, and also says “ I dare do all that to become a man.” lady macbeth seemed to love her husband at the beginning of the story, but then she started to change. Lady macbeth is materialistic, she wants to be queen and have power over everyone and in her eyes if she's queen and macbeth is king she can do whatever because she can manipulate macbeth like she has done when he killed duncan. She feels like if she rules her husband she has control over everything.
Lady macbeth seems sweet and innocent maybe a little distraught because of her child at the beginning of the story but once lady macbeth comes up with a plan to kill duncan and convinces macbeth to kill duncan she was worried about getting caught by the guards so she tells macbeth to go back and finish the job. Macbeth tells her no, so lady macbeth goes to kill the guards and put blood on their faces. Her plan is to frame his guards for his murder, Lady macbeth tells macbeth that she can not kill duncan because he looks to much like her father when he sleeps. Which tells you she
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She convinced her husband to kill duncan and frame his guards. She uses her looks and her ambitious attitude to manipulate macbeth into killing Dunkin. She made smart remarks and told macbeth to “be a man’.” Catherine’s marriage with Edgar instead of Heathcliff. Heathcliff leaves for three years then later returns to marry Isabella, Edgar’s sister. This complicates his and Catherine’s relationship furthermore. Macbeth doesent stand up to lady macbeth because he is intiminated by her. She covers for him when he is telling on himself. “Let bot light see my black and deep desires.” she finishes actions for him when he cant “Give me the daggers, got clean yourself up i’ll do
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