Lady Macbeth's Ambition Analysis

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In Macbeth by Shakespeare, Lady Macbeth’s evil nature allows her to consume Macbeth’s soul. Lady Macbeth has a devious mind, and wants to do dark things, but does not have the ambition to do them. She finds herself needing a vessel to do the things she could never do, and her husband Macbeth would be a perfect fit. Lady Macbeth committed a lot of mind trickery, like questioning his manhood, to consume Macbeth’s soul. During Macbeth’s soliloquy it becomes apparent because “Nature seems dead, and wicked dreams abuse/The curtained sleep. Witchcraft celebrates/Pale Hecate’s off’ rings” (Shakespeare II.1.62-64). When this occurs Lady Macbeth’s evil nature devours him, causing him to kill King Duncan. Her sick thoughts mixed with Macbeth’s ambition
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