Lady Macbeth's Cruelty

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4. The character of Lady Macbeth changes from act one to act three. Throughout the first act, Lady Macbeth outwardly shows her cruelty but in the third act, she acts calmer. 5. As soon as Lady Macbeth finds out that Duncan, the king of Scotland, is coming to their castle, she acts crazy, wants to be “[unsexed] and [filled] from the crown to the toe topfull of direst cruelty” since her husband has received a prophecy that he will become king (Shakespeare 1.5.40-41). 6. She wants to be filled with direst cruelty because later on in the play, she has the idea of killing Duncan but can perform better with the mortal thoughts she is asking for. 7. This action shows the reader a lot about how Lady Macbeth becomes evil and mysterious in act one and

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