Lady Macbeth's Multifaceted Character

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Shakespeare intended Lady Macbeth to be a multifaceted character. We know this because even though she had evil conquests and was manipulative, she never lost her humanity because guilt took its toll on her. Stereotypically, to be evil means to do things considered amoral and have no remorse after doing these bad things. Lady Macbeth possess evil characteristics and is very manipulative. She came up with the plan to kill Duncan so her and Macbeth could become king and queen. She knows very well that murdering the king is committing treason and that by doing so she has damned herself and both her and Macbeth have “skipped the life to come”. Lady Macbeth has known her actions to be wrong but did them anyway - she has become amoral. She manipulates Macbeth and goads him to kill Duncan by using emotional blackmail and attacking his “manlihood”. She knows…show more content…
We know she was a nurturing mother (“ I have given suck and known how tender tis to love the babe that milks me”) and that she is a good wife – Macbeth respects her and regards her as his equal (“To my dearest partner of greatness”). Lady Macbeth supports Macbeth through all hi endeavours throughout the play – she tries to save him when he almost exposes them when he sees Banquo’s bloodied ghost. We also see that she called on dark spirits to possess her – “come you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here”- she was not strong enough to perform evil without evil spirits. Lady Macbeth also couldn’t kill Duncan because he reminded her of her father and her sympathy took over. Another time when she presented her inner humanness was when she fainted after seeing the dead guards. She was so shocked that because they had only planned to kill Duncan and she wasn’t prepared to see dead bodies. This foreshadows this rest of the play, because although Lady Macbeth doesn’t think mucj of murdering Duncan at the time, it comes back to haunt
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