Lady Of Shalott Analysis

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Too Ideal To Be Real Alfred Lord Tennyson's “Lady of Shalott” is a direct response towards Dante Rossetti’s artistic views in “The Blessed Damozel” by using literary techniques and referencing famous literature to … artists to follow their philosophies.Rossetti was apart of an 18th century group “Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood” which had the philosophy that art should be divorced from the real. An artist must immerse themselves in their art Tennyson (explain who is Tennyson just a bit) who admired the Pre-Raphaelites works, had clashing philosophies. Tennyson believed that art should have beauty and function, for an artist to strive for an ideal but be grounded .Both artists commonly used the technique of juxtapositions in their works in…show more content…
This compared to how Alighieri also placed Beatrice in “The Divine Comedy” nearest to God is a testament to show that although she may be in heaven she is far from being the purest. In “The Raven” the man fully aware of the situation and becomes distraught facing the reality that his lover is dead and she will never return to him, Rossetti using this cinario recreates it into the Damzels situation. Where as shes appears to be alive in heaven longing for her lover, however she cannot reach him and the lover transitioning to the the belief that maybe his lover is with him. In “The Raven” lenore represents the harsh truth of the situation, that death is absolute,Rossetti uses the character and again incorporates her into the Damzel to create a figure who is not the ideal angel in fact the opposite. The lover is a crucial role in Rossetti's story because he represents the ideal artist and what transition should artist at the time should make. The Lover progressively becomes the ideal artist that Rossetti calls for, originally he starts off grounded in the real world like the artists in Rossetti's time “Surely she lean'd o'er me--her hair Fell all about my face ....Nothing: Rasiewicz
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