Lady Windermere's Fan Analysis

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It is almost impossible to keep a secret in the world of today. There are countless social media sites and other technological advancements have made keeping something from others virtually impossible. Although, in the 19th century, it was extremely likely that one could take a secret, even of the utmost importance, to the grave. In Oscar Wilde's “Lady Windermere's Fan” the main source of conflict stems from the relationship between Lord Windermere and Mrs. Erlynne. They are the holders of a secret that, if revealed, could entirely alter their lives. They are struggling with the decision of being truthful, or protecting the one they love. Should we tell her, or shouldn't we? That is the main question that haunts both Lord Windermere…show more content…
Erlynne. If he decides to tell her the truth, the widely gossiped about Mrs. Erlynne would most likely ruin their lives. He knows that if Lady Windermere's name is associated with that of Mrs. Erlynne, it will bring disgrace to her. Also, Lady Windermere has a perfect vision of the mother she thought she had lost to death. If she finds out that this is not true, it will crush her spirit. Although, if he continues to keep the secret, their happy marriage may come crumbling down. Lady Windermere is distrustful of her husband because of the lies he has told, and it may become too late to make it right. Throughout the play, the major secret of the familial relationship between Mrs. Erlynne and Lady Windermere causes many misconceptions and ironic situations. Lord Windermere truly loves his wife, but she believes he is cheating. Although, in actuality, he is only trying to protect her. Mrs. Erlynne heartlessly blackmails her own daughter's husband to regain the money and status she lost, but when Lady Windermere gets into trouble, she bails her out. It's also ironic that, while Lady Windermere is angry at her husband for his supposed cheating, she is willing to have an affair with Lord
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