Lady Mary Wortley Montagu's Wife Analysis

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Lady Wortley Montagu
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Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
• Is an English Aristocrat, feminist, socialite and writer.
• Born 15th of May 1689.
• Parents are Evelyn and Mary Pierrepont.
• Father became Earl of Kingston after her birth.
• Died 21st of August 1762.
• Taught herself Latin, and educated herself in her father’s mansion.
• Best-known work being ‘Turkish Embassy Letters’.
• Was the wife to the British ambassador Edward Wortley Montagu and avoided marriage with Clotworthy Skeffington, another rich suitor or hers.

• Was friends with Mary Astell
• During 1714-1716 became acquainted with Alexander Pope and John Gay, wrote a group of poems ‘court eclogues’
• Was capable of extreme
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The Lover: A Ballad
• At the beginning of the poem, Montagu is complaining and chastising the young rake's that try to court her, she then moves on to describing the ideal husband in the second half.
• Throughout the poem we learn that Montagu's ideal image of a husband is somewhat of a mixture between friend and lover.
• In the beginning of the poem as it criticizes the mentality of Montagu's young courters its obviously separate what she’d want to see in her ideal husband.
• As we dig deeper however, we see that Montagu's prudishness is not only motivated by her own good will, but by social pressures put on her while out in public, since there is a certain sense of decorum to follow.
The Lover: A Ballad
Lines 9-16
• In the lines above the speaker talks about she doesn’t like a man who will trick or deceive her, wanting a man with good sense, someone who would make her happy and he himself be happy. She doesn’t want an arrogant man nor a vain man either.
• Montagu's gentle mockery of males forthcomings also shows us a point of silliness in her own nature as a result of how they must follow the social norm which both men and women must participate in, since they can only take this kind of attitude of how they would want to live only when in
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