Short Essay On A Short Story Of Ladybugs

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Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a small village of ladybugs. One of the smallest, and most unique bugs was named Layla. She had been oddly small all of her life and was more yellow than red like most ladybugs. As legend goes, however many spots a ladybug has is how many years that they have lived. Each spot was special and however dark the spots were showed the importance of each ladybug. Layla had nine dark spots, showing that she was nine years old and was in the upper class of the village. Despite her unique color and size, people still respected her and looked up to her as an example. Everyday, Layla would wake up, go to school, and hang out with her friends. She enjoyed school and found most of the information that she learned useful since she would follow her father’s footsteps in becoming the leader of the village. On one of the nicest days of the year, Layla did her normal routine of going to school and suddenly, a new group of ladybugs entered the classroom. These lady bugs were dark red colored with very dark spots. Layla, for the first time in her life, was intimidated by other bugs in the village. She did not know who these new kids in her class were but she…show more content…
Layla was playing with her old friends and talking to her new friends at her new school all the time. Several years later, when it was finally Layla’s time to become the leader of the village, she was back to her dark spotted self. She earned the respect of almost all of the villagers. Layla was smart and one of the best leaders the village had ever seen. She took actions against the bullying in the village and threw the bugs who made people’s spots fade into jail including her fake friends and their parents who tried to take the village back from Layla’s family. Layla lived happily as the leader and made sure that she was an advocate against making ladybug’s spots fade for the rest of her
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