Laila Lalami's Short Story 'The Trip'

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Common Theme Immigrants are often not welcomed to another country, making their journey onerous. However, they are hopeful. The risk of leaving his hometown for disappointment is great. In the short story “The Trip” Laila Lalami states, “Murad has pondered that number hundreds of times in the last year, trying to decide whether the risk was worth it.” (Lalami, 47) In this quote, Murad is contemplating whether the trip across the ocean is worth the jeopardy. Nonetheless, his mind remains determined,- he is doing this for his family. Nevertheless, his first journey is a failure. Despite this negative outcome he does not lose hope. He states, “If she sells all seven of them, it will pay for another trip. And this time, he’ll make it.” (Lalami, 54) In this statement, Murad is thoughtful about how even if his first attempt was not a success, he has faith that next time through he will make it. Endangering not only his life, but also his family’s financial situation, Murad is willing to repeat his…show more content…
A family immigrating together displays union, however, the danger is abundant and there is much to lose. Alvarez writes, “Some loss much larger than I understood, / more danger than the deep end of the pool.” (Alvarez, 35-36) In this verse of the poem, “Exile”, the main character, a young girl, talks about how she cannot fully comprehend what is taking place around her. Though, she distinguishes the presence of danger. In spite of being aware of this she is hopeful for what awaits. She says, “Both of us trying to feel luckier / than we felt, both of us pointing out...” (Alvarez, 58-59) In this reference, she is making the most of what she is given, exhibiting that no matter her past, she will be appreciative for her future. With the peril she entered deprived of being completely conscious, she is thankful for the risk she took for a better future she will now

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