Laila's Argumentative Essay

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They live in Afghanistan, they doubt,fear,their endure life with little freedom takes anger,consciousness and power of love. The endure life with little freedom takes anger.When Rasheed whips Laila with his belt but Mariam claws at Rasheed and trying to stop him from hurting Laila. Then Rasheed pushed her away, use belt whip again.L”Laila touched her fingers to her temple, looked at the blood, looked at Rasheed , with astonishment. It lasted only a moment or two, this look of disbelief, before it was replaced by something hateful.” (Hosseini 345). For Laila, her happiness seems to be transitory. In that time,anger changes to hateful, her emotion and action reflects she can not endure anymore,like a volcano, erupt in the moment. Not only Laila,…show more content…
When Mariam first uses grip and hit Rasheed then Rasheed smiles, “His upper lip curled back into spiteful sneer,and Mariam knew then the futility, maybe even the irresponsibility, of not finishing this(Hosseini 348).” Mariam finally know all of her endure is for this day, “She turned it so the sharp edge was vertical, and, as she did, it occurred to her that this was the first time that she was deciding the course of her own life(Hosseini 349). ” is not only her desired of freedom, the decision of kill Rasheed makes she find out that she can lives for herself as a normal person. The first time she knows that the first time she really has rights.
The endure life with little freedom takes love. ”Mostly, Mariam is in Laila’s own heart where she shines with the bursting radiance of a thousand sun.” (Hosseini 414). This quote comes almost at the ends of the novel, it is the most powerful sentence that shows how much Miriam has affected Laila’s whole life, even Mariam died but Laila remembers her forever.In Laila’s heart, no one can replace Mariam.This is best ending for both of them, the power of love between Mariam and Laila effect on lots of people. Mariam’s love inspires Laila to do positive things and pay their love forward to those in
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