Lais Of Marie De France: Poem Analysis

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Sometime during the 12th century a collection of twelve narrative poems known as The "Lais of Marie de France” were composed. These now well-known pieces of composition declared Maries’ message through poems involving the elements of love and life that she hoped would be enjoyed by future generations. Several themes are present throughout the various stories however one of the major implications is that of love. The “Lais of Marie de France” demonstrates that not all love is equal, it requires suffering which is derived from selflessness or selfishness one of which is not capable of occurring within courtly love. Maire, seeing love as an energy that cannot be vanquished and that isn’t an easy thing to live up too, defines love as not all being equal. Due to being such a prominent theme in all of medieval literature it is extremely fitting to be in all of the lais as well. Marie who lived in the age of chivalry a renowned time in the…show more content…
Eliduc is temporary banished from the kingdom with no explanation leaving behind his wife while he find a new lord in another land. Eliduc attracts the attention of a princess who he ultimately falls in love with however being married already he demonstrates restraint by staying faithful and loyal to his wife resulting in his own suffering which therefore demonstrates selflessness. He suffers because of guilt he feels for loving someone other than his own wife. He suffers because he is separated from the women he truly loves that results in him being depressed from dealing with his inner turmoil. His wife begins to suffer watching her husband become distracted and unhappy. As time passes his wife realizes their love isn’t true and that her husband would be better-off with his mistress. She dissolves their marriage, becomes a nun and gives her blessing for his new life with his true
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