The Laissez Faire Leadership Style

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As we live in a world controlled by entropy, randomness is a default attitude people pursue by nature; however, advancements and prosperity are achieved mainly when chaos is eliminated. Chaos and haphazardness hinder the paths of many great advancements, but the spotlight will be placed on business developments and strategies and how they are linked to leadership strategies. Leadership is the act of aligning and organizing the tasks sought by any organization as discussed by Casadesus-Masanell and Ricart (2010). It may seem a simple task, but this is not the case since people cannot organize themselves coincidentally, but rather we initiate randomness, so controlling a group of members to work coherently towards a specific desire
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I prefer to use the Laissez Faire Leadership Style for it engages the people around you and stimulates more ideas in your mind as there is a diversity of perspectives and it is based passing the leadership process to the worker. The Laissez Faire style allows all of the team members to be engaged in the choices and decisions, which eliminates any feeling of uselessness since the members can pull in their thoughts just like the higher heads in the hierarchy. My choice of the Laissez Faire Leadership Style depends on several success stories of organizations that used it; one of these organizations is SAMSUNG's use of the leadership style to achieve its business plans. In Song, and Lee (2015) Samsung's success story is described in details according to its plans. To supply the demand of the market, youths are the best batch of people to target since they are the group which is keen to involve technology in their lives. Samsung reacted to this case by focusing on hiring younger and more lavish employees that could target their innovations based on their needs, which is relatively the need of the market. In order to achieve this groundbreaking recognition using extended production in many electronic aspects, Lee, the manager of SAMSUNG, recognized the obstacles he is going to face in managing all of the crew working with him with great extent alone, so he…show more content…
The two models agree on having a straight and clear vision to work upon; however, the relational model engages all of the team members without giving them all of the authority to make decisions. The relational model engages the whole team, not only the workers as in the Laissez faire style, in leadership and decisions, which is clearly a better option since the group of decision takers is now larger and more sophisticated (Brower & Tan, 2000). So the Laissez faire style could be further enhanced by controlling and limiting the leadership it supplies to the workers. For instance, Samsung could cycle their team leaders every six months in a well-chosen manner and cycle them back and forth instead of promoting members to be leaders or hiring new leaders instantly. . Cycling also has the advantage of giving the space for the members to prove themselves and forces them to be creative and teach them to be task-handlers. This method could be applied only if weekly or bi-weekly leadership workshops given for all of the departments to ensure that the basic leadership methodologies and strategies are met and also specific tests should be applied to choose several members to be leaders for six months with a guarantee that they could not ruin the business plan of the company. This modification however could have some drawbacks if not managed properly; one of these drawbacks is
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