Laissez Faire Research Paper

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Laissez-faire Essay: There are a bunch of pros and cons with laissez-faire, so many that most can 't even count as high as the number. Although it was very contr oversial, laissez-faire was a thing during the industrial revolution. Context is a beautiful thing but there are always two sides, in this case one side was gaining millions and one side was gaining pennies. Laissez-faire might be the worst time in the history for factory workers, but it was one of the best for the business owners. There are many pros and cons with Laissez-faire, but mostly it depends on who the person is, and what their job is. One of the pros for the business owners is that there 's no minimum wages, this is because they can pay any worker anything they want. This was of course a serious con for the workers, they worked 14 hour shifts for 5 cents. Another con for the workers was that was no workers compensation, this means if they got injured they just simply lost a job, starved, and eventually died. Of course this was an automatic pro for the business owners, without having to pay work injured workers their…show more content…
During the industrial revolution Laissez-faire was a thing, but it was very controversial. Business owners were for Laissez-faire, because it benefited them more than it benefited the workers. Business owners made so much more money without the overhead over them. The absence of overhead is the main reason most business owners were for laissez-faire. Laissez-faire prevented the business owners from having to present workers with safe working conditions, this also led to spending less money which meant making more. Morals, Forget them, child labor was another cost cutter and allowed the business owners to make even more money! Workers for good reason were against laissez-faire, it meant they got paid less, long hard hours, children worked, unsafe working conditions and worse. Business owners capitalized completely on laissez-faire and no government
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