Lake Champlain Bridge Project Case Study

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1. The construction process necessary for the demolition and rebuilding of the Lake Champlain Bridge crossing Lake Champlain from Crown Point, NY to Addison VT in 2011 was quite a process and was interesting. The process included having VTrans and NYSDOT working together as co lead agencies under an agreement between the two states. NYDOT was responsible for progression of the bridge project and the costs were shared proportionately between the two states. Strategic demolition on parts of the bridge so that each section was manageable and thoughtful since lead paint containment was a large concern for them.

In Facing a challenging 42 month construction schedule, planning how to transport cars across the river while the bridge was being demolished and rebuilt, weather delays, lead removal from ½” layer and containing the construction debris, having two trailers on either side of the lake
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In having this change in design Flatiron Construction, VTrans/NYDOT, Candraft Engineering agreed to the change and allowed for a wider roadway, which was wanted by the community members/drivers.

4. The Lake Champlain bridge project was a Bid-Build delivery system method, which allowed the design team to look out for the interests of the owners, using a cost effective method that was the least cost approach to the low bidders to keep the project in estimated budget of $77 million, even though there was $5,388,000 in change orders.

This project did have subcontractors receiving prevailing wage since this was a state/ federal funded project. There was a large dispute over contractors threaten to halt the bridge completion since they are performing “at will” activities and entitled to these benefits that come from union benefits.

There were some local tradesmen hired for the construction that work in the NY & VT area that specialize bridge
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