Lake Erie Research Paper

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Oh my gosh why are they dumping trash in Lake Erie! Did you know that in the 1960’s Lake Erie had an algae problem like it does now. “By the 1960s, Lake Erie had become extremely polluted” (Michael Rotman). In the 1960’s Lake Erie was heavily polluted by industrial pollution from Cleveland and other cities with large or small industries. In fact the industries would dump their garbage right into Lake Erie itself or Lake Erie 's tributaries. Lake Erie also had pesticides, fertilizer and other agricultural runoff going into its waters. These pollutants caused Lake Erie 's water to have high phosphorus and nitrogen measures. High amounts of Phosphorus and Nitrogen can lead to an algae bloom. The algae led to low oxygen levels in the water. Low oxygen levels caused many fish to die. The water crisis in Lake Erie led to laws and acts being passed to protect the water.“ In 1972, Congress passed the Clean Water Act, a measure that tightened regulations on industrial dumping” (Michael Rotman). The Clean Water Act tightened regulations on Industrial dumping. In 1972 the U.S.A and Canada agreed to try to keep the pollutants that go into…show more content…
Lake Erie could be in a water crisis soon and here is some of the side effects. One is 500,000 people could be without drinking water. Another is people could get ear infections if they swim in the water. Also if you are in a watercraft going over the algae could clog it. “The toxic algae bloom in Lake Erie that provoked last weekend 's tap water ban in Toledo, Ohio—where nearly half a million people were told not to use water for drinking, cooking, or bathing—is a preview of similar problems to come around the world, scientists say, thanks in part to climate change.” (Jane Lee). There could be many fish killed if there is another algae bloom. The water crisis is caused by warm water and runoff. If there is another water crisis it will affect many things. Water crises are bad in many ways so don’t pollute the
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