Lake Hamilton Reflection Essay

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School is an important part of our everyday lives, and a recent question has been given to us of “ How has Lake Hamilton impacted you and prepared you for success in the future?” This question can really makes us as students think and reflect about our years spent at Lake Hamilton school district. And ask ourselves what is the most valuable lessons we have learned in our school years ?.
My time at lake hamilton school district has been very good overall, I moved to this school district in the 3rd grade from Oaklawn magnet school district in Hot Springs. I can remember that 3rd grade for me at Lake Hamilton was my favorite school year i 've ever had It was so fun for me , and I have so many great memories, But for my 4th and 5th grade year school wasn 't so fun for me I remember I struggled a lot in my math classes and I don 't think my teachers liked me very much. I struggled a lot in my math classes, I think because when I first moved to Lake hamilton I was behind on my multiplication skills, because at my other school we hadn 't learned them yet. But for the rest of my school years at Lake Hamilton it has been awesome. I have been making good grades since the 9th grade, I started trying really hard and I think school got more easier because we got more freedom. I think that the main difference between Lake Hamilton, and my last school
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My mom says that real life is kinda like high school, for example at her job she still has drama and cliques just like at high school. And there are still people who have money and can use that to their advantage. But although this may not be fair, I think life is just this way and will always

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