Lake Narrative

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This past summer I went to Holiday Lake 4-H Center for Forestry camp. I went with my best friend Rex. We both waited anxiously as the school year wound down and Camp got closer. It was a week long camp in the mountains. We had the opportunity to learn about forestry, wildlife management, tree identification and management. We also took other fun classes. Camp offered classes such as high ropes course, canoeing, skeet shooting, archery, wilderness survival, wood identification, fishing for beginners. It was a very hot week with next to no air conditioning, crazy boys, and dramatic girls. Lots of fun. When Rex and I first got there I was nervous. I didn't see any girls yet and all the boys seemed crazy and egotistical. I stuck close to Rex …show more content…

"Why? He's just being nice." He said back confused. "I don't know. Something just isn't right. The stuff he is always talking about like he is trying to get a response out of me. Or how he is always in my space." I replied. That night I walked in the bunkhouse. It was full of hot, humid air, the smell of shampoo, and words of irritation. "He is always in my space!" one girl spat. "He keeps trying to hug me." another girl said quietly. "I turn around and he is always there. It's like he is stalking me." a different girl moaned. "He put his arm around me after I told him I have a boyfriend. You know what he told me? He said 'well your boyfriend isn't here.' Ugh! He is such a creep." one girl said. Then another girl spoke, "Well the boys have noticed it too. They are planning a little something tonight for him to teach him a little something." We all laughed wondering what they were planning. The next morning we were all in our lines waiting to go in for breakfast. I stood behind Rex and noticed that it was quieter than usual. I leaned forward "Where is …show more content…

He was trying not to grin and he was shaking his head. Nothing ever happened to the boys for what they did to Peter. A small part of me felt bad for him. At breakfast there was a big announcement made to everyone. They said that there was to be no Purpling. Then they had to explain what the word "purpling" meant. It was unwanted touching or getting in someone's space, or even forcing yourself on someone. Peter left the girls alone for the most part. The girls still avoided him though. In fact a lot of people avoided him. It seemed that he was wearing on everyone's nerves. It kept more to himself, didn't touch girls, and toned down his ego a

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