Lake Wabatongushi Narrative

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“Dad check out this lure!” I shouted as I ran towards a big, glittery spoon in the isle of Gander Mountain. The large golden spoon sat on the shelf waiting for a kid like me to come along and fall in love with it. This particular spoon was meant for pike fishing, a bait that twirled around in the water, flashing and catching the attention of a pike.
In two weeks my Dad, my brother Zach, and I were heading to Canada to go fishing in a remote cabin on an island. The lake was called Lake Wabatongushi, a 22 mile long lake in the middle of Ontario, Canada. We had scheduled this trip months in advance and were just now shopping to get all the lures, rods, and gear we needed.
“Can I buy it Dad?” My Dad nodded and I snagged it off the shelf.
I was
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I was kind of irritated by the way he yelled at me and I chose to simply ignore him. I again whipped my spoon out there as hard as I possibly could towards the shore. I watched the spoon float towards the shore but realized it wasn’t dropping towards the water. Instead, it continued to go towards shore. I freaked out, thinking to myself, Did my line break, and did I just lose my favorite spoon?
The spoon didn’t stop until it was long gone into the forest. My favorite spoon was gone on the 2nd cast. I looked back to meet the eyes of my dad, and got the look of “Way to go...” He didn’t say anything, rather he started to fish himself. He knew I had learned my lesson about casting spoons.
After that experience I will never cast a spoon that aggressive again. A $10 spoon was donated to the forest of Canada, and it was at my expense. From now on, I will always know how to properly cast a spoon, and most of all I learned to listen to people who know what they are talking about while trying to help you out. My ignorance taught me the hard way and I learned to listen to people who are trying to help me out that
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