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They can be independent and very stubborn but despite this they are usually eager to please. The Lakeland Terrier will get along with other dogs but should b kept on a leash when they are outside. The Lakeland Terrier dog will do well in apartment living, but they will need a walk every day. They also love to run in fenced areas. The Kerry Blue Terrier The Kerry blue Terrier dog was bred to hunt small game all over Britain 's lakes, streams and fields. For years, they herded cattle and sheep. The Kerry Blue Terrier dog is a native of Ireland. They are medium sized dogs. They have thick wavy hair. Their coat is gray, glue-gray or slate-gray and sometimes they will have black patches on their body. They will weigh 33 to 40 pounds…show more content…
Their coat is wavy and dense, and it will attract twigs, burrs and grass. They will shed very little. They need weekly brushing and regular baths. They will also need to have their beards trimmed on a regular basis. Rat Terrier Dog The Rat Terrier is a great dog for active people. The Rat Terrier is very active but they also love to cuddle. The Rat Terrier is considered a small dog. They can be born with long or short tails. Their coat is thick and medium long. They can be yellow, black, red, black and tan, blue and white and black and tan and white. America is where the Rat Terrier originated. They are a cross between European Terriers and the Fox Terrier. The Bull Terrier and Manchester Terrier were also used. They were developed in 1910 to stop the rabbit epidemic. The Rat Terrier was not fast enough so they added the whippet, Italian Greyhound and smooth Fox Terrier. The Rat Terri or is a great companion dog. They have no problem learning because they are smart and want to learn. They are high energy dogs and need to be walked everyday on a leash. They love to go hiking and jogging. They are great with children. They can be protective but they will get along with strangers. They do make good apartment dogs if they get plenty of…show more content…
The Skye Terrier must have a lot of exercise and attention. If the Skye Terrier does not get enough exercise, they will become unhappy. You must always walk your Skye Terrier on a leash. They will make cute and devoted pets. The Skye Terrier is not the cuddly lap dog type. The Skye Terrier loves to play in the yard and house. They will dig if they get a chance. The Wire Fox Terrier -PART DUPLICATE-BUBBLEWS The Wire Fox Terrier dog belongs to the terrier group. They will weigh 15 to 19 pounds and be 16 inches tall. Most of their body is white. They should not have red, liver or brindle markings. They are very active and happy dogs. They love run and play. They are perfect dogs for children. They want to be boss and this sometimes does not go well with other pets. They love to dig an bark. They make good watchdogs. The Wire Fox Terrier dog is one of the oldest terrier breeds. They were developed to dig into burrows to get out foxes and other small critters. They will need regular brushing. Twice a year the old dead hair must be removed. They mus be taken for long walks daily. They also need a fenced area to run in. They must be trained and socialized when they are still very

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