Lamar Loper's First Case, How I Lost The Junior Miss Pageant

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Does poverty affect the way people grow up? In certain situations people have no escape from their childhood and have to suffer. Others might say that the rich are privileged and have no worries. To most, money can make or break someone in the long run and that might have been the case in these stories. In the stories Lamar Loper’s First Case, How I Lost the Junior Miss Pageant, and the story Thank You, M’am, poverty is the cause of the characters problem and if poverty was nonexistent things would have been different for them. In the story Lamar Loper’s First Case the moral of the story was that money can make all the difference in someone’s life. This is because when Lamar came out of college he had to take up lower pay level cases and ended up with a man beating his wife and kid. Lamar could not believe people like this existed in the world and the only reason Simmie continued to do what he did was because his wife and son did not have the money to just up and leave. Lamar came from money and knew that he should not be dealing with stuff like his first case but in the end he did the right thing in protecting the mom and son from Simmie. In the story How I Lost the Junior Pageant the daughter’s entire life was based around failure. When she was …show more content…

Roger said he wanted to steal from her so he could buy some blue suede shoes. If Roger had money this story would not even need to be written and he would have never tried to steal because he would have been able to afford his own blue suede shoes. Even if a family has money they would still need a proper parent figure to teach them wrong from right. Roger said he did not live in a household so he has never learned what is good or bad for him. What Roger learned from the Miss he attempted to steal from will change his life because he learned more in this situation from doing wrong than doing

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